Ahead of the beginning of a new Presidency which seemed imminent way back in 2007, Republicans began preparations for the ultimate destruction of America. “If we can’t have it then the Democrats can’t either”. A scorched Earth policy was put into play.

Treating America as if it were about to be conquered by enemy invaders, Republicans destroyed the factories, plundered the Treasury and broke the backs of the people. It’s what conquered Armies do to prevent their enemies from having any resources once the invaders are at the gates ready to breach the checkpoints and occupy the city. Our new President will take over in a time of war. Economic WAR.

Southern Senators would rather let Foreigners take over our country rather than turn over anything useful to a Democratic President. The South is at War with the rest of the US. The South is the only region of the US where Republicans still retain power and they fully intend to wage their war from there with the aid of their Foreign Allies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to fight them HERE after all. Foreign companies and Southern Republican Senators are at war with the United States from within the United States. The South is Central Command for their side. Everywhere else is a battleground to be scorched and pillaged.

A slavish, unhinged contempt for organized labor, perhaps a mindset dating back to days when 'labor' was called 'slavery', and thus meant by Providence to be owned by Property Owners or CREAL” Americans, is worth fighting for. The bad old days of Southern Plantation Politics is back.

Southern Senators declared their loyalty to their foreign Armies last night. Pledged their Allegiance to their Axis and formed The Coalition of Willing foreign Bankers, Property Owners, and Manufacturing giants to attack the United States. Now comes recruitment. Disgruntled workers who are too hungry and broken to “work for America” will march in their Army against the American people.

It's ironic. Exactly 63 years after we beat back Fascism the Appeasers who have toiled on the “dark side” conspiring almost everyday to destroy the very means by which America won the greatest victory against the Axis, have begun the battle anew. This time we will have to fight it HERE.

Last night the South rose again with their Allied Foreign Forces and destroyed the last great thing of value we had: American Manufacturing! In one fell swoop, Richard Shelby, Bob Corker and a host of Southern Republican Senators have won World War II for Germany & Japan. And they are refighting the Civil War, too.

Obama had better be one part FDR, one part Lincoln.

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